Mom Jeans – How to Shop Them

I’ll be honest. I never thought I would be one of those women. You know, the kind of woman who embraced the mom jeans trend! But I did it. I am HER. I own it. And now that I’ve admitted it, I’m going to share my thoughts on the term “mom jeans,” how I came to find the best pair, how they should fit, and where you can shop my favorites!

mom jeans, blue wash, high-waisted denim
AE stretch mom jeans – washed blue

Why They Are Called “Mom Jeans”

Let me start by admitting I do not enjoy trying on jeans. It’s one of the most difficult clothing items to shop for. I also do not like the term “mom jeans.” Historically, mom jeans had a negative connotation with body shaming a woman who’s body shape changed after having children. Well I don’t even have children, yet my body has changed in the past year.

The old school way of thinking about mom jeans – SNL Mom Jeans skit 2003
*I do not own this video*

What I do have: the natural curves of a Black woman in her 30’s! And there are lots of jeans out there now that are tailored for the average women with curves. Those are the jeans I seek these days.

My Shopping Experience

Now, let’s talk about how my newfound love of the mom jean style came about. Last weekend, I went into American Eagle looking to exchange a pair of tomgirl jeans I ordered online. Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong size and they didn’t fit. AE’s return policy is awesome BTW – you can return or exchange anything you order online in store. Another unfortunate discovery: my beloved tomgirl jean is a style available online only. Since I already trekked up to the Cherry Creek Shopping Center, I was not leaving there without a new pair of denim.

So, I ventured into a try-on session of a few styles I previously scoped out online. Keep in mind, I usually buy AE’s NE(X)T level high-waisted jeggings because they are the perfect fit, with the best stretch on me and they come in “curvy”. I already have them in the colors I need in those so it was time to embark on the journey of finding a new style to fall in love with.

Bad news: I kept striking out, pair after pair.

I became increasingly discouraged as my husband patiently waited outside the fitting rooms. I complained to the associate that I felt so defeated. Next thing I knew, I had accepted her recommendation to try a few of the mom jeans (one of which the girl was rockin’ with success). When I tell you I was instantly infatuated with these jeans… GIIIIIRL! Like WHOA! Love at first try.

mom jeans, distressed, high-waisted denim
AE stretch mom jean – acid wash

Tips, Fit, Cons

What I specifically like about the the AE stretch mom jeans:

  • high-waisted with 11.75″ rise
  • slim through top of body and more relaxed through the leg
  • hits right above the ankle
  • perfect amount of stretch for all day comfort and to emphasize my natural curves. This means- no uncomfortable squeezing into, and no unnatural sucking in of my tummy (thanks #fertbod)!

How mom jeans should fit:

  • they should flatter your figure – high-waisted works best
  • fit well at the smallest part of your waist
  • have some stretch and looser legs
  • taper slightly at the ankle
  • be comfortable
AE stretch mom jeans in acid wash and washed blue

The only issue I discovered about these: the fit differs depending on the wash – sizing is inconsistent.

I plan to style these with graphic tees, hoodies, sweaters, and every type of shoe as the seasons change. They are so versatile!

Now that you’ve read my review, I want to hear from you! Have you tried the mom jean trend? If so, what do you think of it? If not, have I convinced you to at least try them on during your next shopping trip? Drop a comment below!

Ready to shop my favorites?

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